Black Horse Information:

“Howdy, I am a bay. Key words that describe me are: Steady and Reliable, with good foundation training I will work very hard to please you, I will do what you ask to the best of my ability. I will trust you. Please just tell me what to do!”





White Horse Information:

“Greetings, I’m a white horse, Key words to describe me are: Loyal Friend. I will need you to prove that I can trust you, but once we bond, I will aspire to please you and I’m yours forever.”






Red Horse Information:

“Hello, I’m a sorrel, and I fall into the red horse category, key words to describe me are: Moody and Temperamental. Teach me my move quick then let me be. I generally like a more experienced rider, because no matter how much training I have, if I get nervous I’ll forget everything I know.”






Yellow Horse Information:

“Whoa there, I’m a grey, this yellow category has many sub categories and lots of variations. You will find Paints, Buckskins, Palomino’s, or any other diluted color in this group. I believe the key words describing most of us is stubborn. When were training, it’s not that I don’t know what you are doing up there, I just have to believe in you, before I will do anything for you.” “If you’re in a bad mood, I’ll join ya.”